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The cleaning and construction of tall buildings is always a challenge. You need a raised platform to take you and your equipment to a suitable height. However, you realize that there are bigger problems to worry about. At great heights, the chief concern should be safety. Any slight mistake could cause someone to fall. This could lead to serious injury or even fatality. One of the best investments you could ever make to ensure safety is to acquire an aerial lift. These days, it is easy to get aerial lift rentals if you cannot afford to buy.

Sky High Lift Rental
Sky High Lift Rental

Aerial lifts are made with safety first in mind when you want to carry out construction or window cleaning as well as other tasks such as tree care and maintenance, painting, HVAC, facility maintenance, electrical sign installation and lighting repair. You can rent aerial lifts from popular trusted brands. Aerial lifts are excellent for these jobs because they are easy to maneuver. Most have a stable platform that guarantees user safety. The platform is tightly fixed by riveting, bolting or welding to prevent any movement. That could destabilize anyone climbing on it. The platform is also made of sturdy material that enables it to bear large weights. You can comfortably carry your equipment without falling through. Many aerial lifts have a narrow design that enhances efficiency, as they can easily fit in tight spaces.

Mobile elevated work platform rentals are perfect for individuals and companies that need to perform work at high areas without having to spend too much on buying equipment. You can hire self-propelled lifts of any kind. Some of the most common ones include push-around vertical lifts, trailer-mounted or tow-behind boom lifts or electric and diesel boom lifts. You can choose any type of these lifts to provide exceptional safety, performance, and reliability.

When you opt for a rental instead of buying, you will get many additional benefits besides cost efficiency. Many rental companies provide extra services, such as providing familiarization training regarding safety when they are handing over. They may also offer to deliver and collect the units as well as carry out servicing and repairs whenever the lifts break down. Moreover, they can provide spares whenever needed to keep the machines running effectively. One thing that is so enticing is that rental companies do their own annual safety compliance inspections of the rental units. This ensures your safety as well as compliance with government regulations.

Depending on your specific needs, as well as safety and maneuverability concerns, you can choose among different lifts including atrium lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, personnel lifts, straight telescopic boom lifts, articulated knuckle booms and towable boom lifts. You can also choose the equipment depending on the type of terrain that you would be working on. The rough-terrain scissor lifts are perfect for bumpy places.

Cleaning Windows Using a Boom Lift
Cleaning Windows Using a Boom Lift

Unlike new purchases, rental lifts are tested to ensure that the equipment is in the best shape. In addition, you will get highly knowledgeable staff to provide technical support throughout the renting. They can also help you identify the most appropriate aerial lift for your specific needs. You will get maximum value for your lift rental.

Renting aerial lift equipment can be more economical than buying because rentals have different tax regimes. The government offers tax incentives to people who rent or lease. You will not have to pay tax upfront when you rent equipment. Such tax deductions help to minimize the amount that you will pay.

Rentals provide great flexibility because you can rent for as much time as you want. This can be useful when you are carrying out budgeting. You could get quotes from different companies, and you can decide on the one that fits your budget. If you want certain equipment from a particular rental company, you can simply multiply the quoted price with the period of time you wish to use it.

Lift rentals are the answer to the question of cost efficiency that many individuals or companies worry about when they need lifting equipment. Lift rentals will enable you to reduce operational costs and save money for other business needs. However, you cannot put a price on safety. That is why rental companies will do everything to ensure that you get the best value for your money without compromising your safety. To guarantee that promise, your rental company will not abandon you as soon as you get the equipment. Instead, they will be with you as long as you are using their equipment. Your return on investment has never been better. For more information regarding lift and equipment rentals visit Alpha Platforms.



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